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Dealing With Fire Damage?

Fire damage is a devastating experience for any residential or commercial property. Not only does the property suffer from the fire but also from smoke, soot and water damage as a result of putting out the fire. Fire damage cleanup ought to be conducted within the first 24 – 48 hours after the tragedy in order to mitigate the resultant damage. It’s vital to find a professional fire restoration company in Alexandria within days or hours of the fire in order to prevent the acceleration of the corrosion and deterioration of vital assets and building components. This is accelerated by the smoke damage and acidic soot produced when the fire was extinguished.

Fire damage restoration seeks to mitigate the damage caused, provide water removal services as well as smoke and soot damage in order to restore the property to its initial condition. This important process involves the evaluation of the whole property to determine the extent of the damage and find out the items to be replaced or repaired. A qualified fire damage repair company will be able to handle all the water, smoke and soot damages as well as get rid of any lingering smoke odors.

The experts at Water Damage Pros posses the technical know-how, proper equipment and qualified technicians to carry out the restoration services quickly and professionally. Plus, we’re able to deploy our rapid response team quickly and handle any size of fire disaster. If you’re dealing with the damages associated with a fire on your home or commercial property, give our team a call today and avoid continued loss of productivity and income.

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Our Fire Restoration Process

Even a single-room fire can be devastating. In addition to fire damage, your home or business is likely facing smoke damage and water damage from firefighting efforts or the sprinkler system. Fire damage restoration should begin as soon as possible because damage will continue to occur the longer the soot and smoke remains. Here’s our process for restoring your home after a fire.


Our first step will be a comprehensive assessment in order to determine the extent of the smoke, fire, soot, and water damage, what materials have been affected, and the best methods for restoring the property. This will guide us in the creation of an action plan which is key to restoring your home as efficiently as possible.

Emergency Roof Tarping and Board-Up

Because a fire can compromise your roof, walls, and windows, immediate action will be taken to protect your property. To maintain structural integrity, safety, and prevent further damage, missing windows and walls will be boarded and your roof will be tarped.

Water Removal

Water damage can account for most of the damage in the case of a home fire. Why? Because firefighters may use up to 3,000 gallons or more of water to extinguish the fire. Before damage can be addressed, this water needs to be removed with commercial-grade wet/dry vacuums and water extraction tools. The entire area must be dried as well because mold can begin growing within 24 to 48 hours of the fire.  It may take several days for the area to be dried enough to begin restoration.

Removing Damaged Property

Once the water is removed, all damaged belongings must be removed, including window treatments, clothing, and carpet. Some items may be restored if they have monetary or sentimental value, but this is not always possible. Any building materials damaged by the fire or water should be replaced, including flooring, drywall, doors, and windows.

Soot and Smoke Removal

Specialized equipment will be used to remove soot and smoke residue from walls, ceilings, wood, and other surfaces. Soot is very oily and can stain and even permanently damage glass and other items in your home. Smoke and soot often travel and penetrate other rooms where the fire did not touch.

Cleaning and Sanitization

Once soot, water, and damaged items are removed, all affected areas of the home must be thoroughly cleaned and santiized. Air scrubbers and fogging equipment will be used to remove residual smoke odors from the home.


The final step is restoring your home or business to its normal condition before the fire. This can be the longest step of the process as it may require replacing drywall and wood, painting, installing new flooring, new roof installation, or even reconstructing entire rooms. 

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